Local high school football coaches voted Murray's Hunter Utley as the #6 Player of Gridiron Glory in 2019. Here's what some of those coaches said about him:

Marshall County's Evan Merrick: "Hunter Utley seems like he's been playing forever. You look at him, he’s really grown, put on some weight. Really has that college style frame about him. I think he’s a kid that has the potential to play at the next level, and should be a good player this year for the Murray Tigers."

Mayfield's Joe Morris: "You know, the game definitely slows down the older you get; it slows down for all the quarterbacks. You know, he understands the game, he understands what Coach Hodge wants over there and he's definitely the leader of that offense. You can just tell by his presence in basketball and in football that he's the leader of that football team."

Graves County's Nick Kemp: "He's got great arm strength, and he just sits in the pocket, but he can get outside the pocket and move, too. He had a couple runs on us last year for some first downs. So he's got great feet, and if he gets outside the pocket he's going to get a first down on you."

Caldwell County's David Barnes: "When you spread the field and have got a quarterback that can do those things, you just have to try and find a way and stop him."

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