Local high school football coaches voted Murray's Jaiden Jackson as the #8 Player of Gridiron Glory in 2019. Here's what some of those coaches said about him:

Mayfield's Joe Morris: "When we game plan for Murray, I'm sure we'll know where Jaiden Jackson is. I think the main thing that's stood out about Jaiden is how hard he works on special teams, offense and defense. That's not an easy thing to do, but that guy does it. He'll take a lick. Sometimes you've got wide receivers out there that really don't want to get hit too hard. He don't care. He don't care to come across the middle; he don't care who hits him. He wants the ball in his hands to make plays."

Hopkinsville's Craig Clayton: "Excellent player, excellent prospect. He's a big, big receiver, so I look to him to also play on Saturdays. He just has size, he runs great routes and he catches everything, so he's exactly what you're looking for."

Chris Champion: "He's a natural athlete. You know, he runs track, and he's a fast kid with a big frame who has really matured over the years. He's a part of a small group of west Kentucky players that anytime they touch the ball you get nervous because you know what they can do with it."

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