Connecting With Your Children

New gadgets may make you vulnerable to hackers

If you got a smart home gadget for Christmas, you may have already turned it on and connected it to the internet. Millions of people have. Amazon's 'Alexa' service even went down because so many people were turning on their device for the first time.

How to protect your mail during the holiday season

Cyber Monday has come and gone. Within the next week, folks are going to be getting packages delivered to their front porch. It also means porch pirates, those thieves who grab packages off of front porches, are about to have a green Christmas. 

The future of Discovery Park of America

Scott Williams is the new President and CEO of the Discovery Park of America. Since he's use to museums in larger cities, we asked about the financial future of the center.

The best and worst US states for children

New Hampshire ranks highest and New Mexico lowest for overall child well-being in the United States, according to a report published Wednesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a nonprofit group focused on improving the well-being…

Why the old way of parenting no longer works

Every couple of years a book or article arrives diagnosing parents with catastrophic spinelessness. The power pyramid has been inverted, they warn, and the children are in, and therefore out of, control.