Connecting With Your Children

How parents can teach perseverance

Use positive words, celebrate success, encourage kids to try new things; there are so many things parents can say and do to instill perseverance in their kids.

Neighborhood quality impacts kids’ behavior

According to experts, neighborhoods with abandoned homes and garbage-filled lots could be more than just eyesores for those living nearby. New research suggests the perceived quality of a neighborhood may influence a child’s behavior though his or her teens and possibly beyond.

Robot dog teaches right from wrong

Can devices like Alexa, Siri, and Hatchimals help your child determine right from wrong? A new study examines children’s behavior when they are introduced to a robot dog.

Let’s talk about math

For many parents, math brings up memories of flash cards and worksheets. How much of an impact does mom’s math talk have on their children’s understanding of math concepts?

Vaping: gateway to cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have been described as products that let users wean themselves from tobacco, but could the opposite be true? 

Math Patterns: skills for success?

When it comes to early math, not all skills are created equal. Of course, counting is an important part of preschool, but new research suggests that understanding patterns and being able to compare quantities are not beyond little learners, and may also help prepare students for math success.

Brain Training For Risk-Taking Teens?

Neuroscientists studying the teenage brain say that when a teen is surrounded by peers, he or she is more likely to push the boundaries and take chances. Researchers say there may be some steps parents and their teens can take to reduce risk-taking behavior.

Parents: Are You Too Supportive?

Parents are told to support their kids academically, emotionally, and socially. But now a new study shows you can overdo it when it comes to support.

Teaching fractions made easy

Learning about fractions can be difficult for the average second or third grader.  A new study at Temple University might ease their math anxiety.

The road to jobs for adults with autism

Almost nine out of every ten autistic adults are either out of work or underemployed. Now, one man on the spectrum is making a difference for himself and others. 

Neighborhood crime and kids

Violence is unsettling for children, whether they witnessed the crime or not. What happens to kids in the aftermath of crime and how can parents lessen the impact?

CHIP funding could run out as soon as this month in some states

Some states could run out of funding for their Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) as early as this month, despite recently approved spending by Congress that was expected to keep the program running through the end of March, federal health officials said Friday.

Happy mealtime, healthy kids

Dinner time is a stressful time of day for many families – with parents coming home from work, kids coming home from school, and everybody is really hungry and ready to eat.

Christmas apps that keep Santa in touch

Everyone looks forward to counting down to Christmas, especially kids. That's why we're introducing you to three smartphone apps that'll make that time even more fun.

Preschool pays off for decades

Early childhood care and education in the United States can be expensive. But does the cost of early education pay off over a lifetime?